Anterior knee pain or runner’s knee

Runners’ knee or pain over the kneecap often gets grouped together as Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome or Anterior Knee Pain. It includes a wide variety of knee disorders such as runner's knee, pain dislocating- or sublaxing patella (kneecap), etc. It is often chronic conditions that have an big impact on daily activities and sport. Patients normally report pain in over or around the front of the knee or behind the kneecap, during activities that put stress on the knee. These activities usually include running, squats, knee flexion activities and climbing stairs. Symptoms are also present during prolonged sitting or when straightening the knee against resistance.

Physiotherapy treatment of Anterior Knee Pain usually focus on correcting the cause of the injury, evaluating the local structures, muscle strengthening and patient education. Patella taping or -bracing, stretches, specific soft tissue mobilisation, dry needling or acupuncture, manual therapy, and orthosis can also be useful.