Conditions treated


Neckpain Cervical Headache Whiplash Injury The aim of Hanette Lemke Physiotherapy is to bring you the best physiotherapy treatments, based on the latest research, right to the comfort of your home.

A variety of conditions can be treated:
General weakness
• Stroke
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• SIJ (sacro-iliac joint) injuries or pain
• Jaw or TMJ injuries or pain
• Shoulder pain including rotator-cuff injuries, shoulder dislocations or a frozen shoulder
• Elbow pain including tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
• Wrist, hand and finger injuries and pain
Hip injuries and pain
Groin injuries and pain
Hamstring or quadriceps injury or pain
ITB injuries or pain
Knee injuries and pain including runners' knees, patella pain and menisci or ligament injuries
Calf strains, tears or pain
Achilles tendon tears, injuries or pain
• Ankle injuries including ankle sprains
• Foot and toe injuries and painKnee-injuries-physiotherapy-george-garden-route
Plantaris Fasciitis
• Pneumonia
• Asthma
• Chest conditions after surgery
Cystic Fibrosis